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Magic Maps is spectacular this year.  Of course, it has the wonderful MagicMap of each selection on the list, but this year's DVD includes a great Mini Lesson, Bubble Talk, and a Quick Quiz for each piece as well.  Don't understand "Bubble Talk"?  Go see the demo!

These demos are from last year.  Be assured the songs are updated for 2013-2014.
Magic Maps and Music  Memory Technology Demo

  $50.  Order Here.

Music Memory Contest  2013- 2014

This web page features selections from the UIL Music Memory Contest.  Curriculum Materials may be ordered to correlate with the contest.  The Official List page has the official list and midi files for most selections.  The "How the Composers Died" page provides links to information about the composers.  Be sure to check out "cool stuff".  There you will find First Day suggestions and Center ideas.    You will also see links to Video files that go with the Music Memory lessons.

Want to start a contest in your city?  You can do it!!!  Send us an e-mail and Kay or Mollie will be in touch.

Check out what's happening in New York City and San Diego!