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About the Music Memory Contest 


This web page features selections from the UIL Music
Memory Contest.  Curriculum Materials may be ordered to
correlate with the contest.  The Music List page shows
links and information about the selections.  The Composer
page provides links to information about the composers.

The Music Memory Contest of today actually is a revival of a
contest held in the early 1900's in Austin, Texas. The current
Austin ISD contest started in 1980 with 7 elementary schools
participating. With the help of the UIL, the contest has spread
throughout the state and into other states.

The goal of the Music Memory Contest is to provide additional
motivation and materials for children to listen and study classical
music. Each year 16 pieces are selected for study. Careful
consideration is given to choosing works, which represent the
different musical periods and styles. The list contains representative
examples from orchestral, keyboard, choral, vocal, opera, and jazz

The contest itself can be managed in various ways. Many school
districts have the Music Memory Contest in conjunction with other
UIL academic contests at a meet in the spring.

Austin ISD elementary music teachers are provided recordings and
complete lesson plans for each piece. The students listen and study
each piece in class and are provided ways to study at home. In
March the first round of testing takes place. This is called the
Classroom Contest. Students scoring in the top 10% go on to the
School wide Contest. The top 6 students from each school then
make up the "Music Memory Team" from that school. These
students go to the City Wide Contest. Many awards are presented
including trophies for participating at the City level for 3 or 4 years.